Completed ecommerce orders are also showing as abandoned cart

I am developing a piwik plugin for ecommerce tracking.

All my completed ecommerce orders are also showing as abandoned cart .

The setTokenAuth and setIp is done
The addEcommerceItem() and doTrackEcommerceOrder() is done when receiving the IPN.

I noticed that the ID of the visitor is different, when recording the items for the cart, or when recording the items from the order.
Any tips to help me ?

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Hi - Did you every resolve this issue, we are seeing something similar with one of our websites - completed orders are showing as abandoned carts (other wesbsites set up in the same way are tracking correctly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @adsham
Can you check:

  1. You validated the order in Matomo? (check in the tracking code and in the Maotmo visits log)
  2. The visitor ID or user ID is still the same during the whole ecommerce session?
  3. You don’t create a new empty cart after the user checked out?