Comparision with other like Snoobi offers to Piwik

I consider to start using Piwik and see that other solutions also exists like the snoobi offer with a kind of SaaS solution. I would like to have control of my own solution of course and set it up too but…

Is there any expert that can tell me what Piwik is missing compared to Snoobi ? more about snoobi here

I would love to set up and go for Piwik but would like to know by any comparison what features Piwik dont have that Snoobi have and vice verca…

anyone know and help appreciated!


You can make your own comparison by using Piwik list of features: List of Features in Piwik Analytics - Analytics Platform - Matomo

You can make your own comparison by using Piwik list of features:[/quote]

Hi Matt,

thanks for your quick reply.

Well I am not an expert just trying to understand what the real difference are for both platforms and would like to know if anyone can tell the main differences better than my first analysis my self.

I really would like to test and use Piwik bcs its a great initiative but also would know if there is many things that Piwik missing that could be of importance later on. So thats an analysis I cant do bcs I dont have that knowledge yet.

All the best !