Coming Soon: Social Analytics Plugin

We are finalizing the creation of a Social Analytic Plugin for Piwik and we are excited to bring it to you! This plugin will enable you to get more insight from Piwik because it will show you how well your social pages are doing.

The main goal is to bring social analytics data to Piwik so that all information will be available from one place. This plugin will connect Piwik to social APIs so that you can quickly track how your social pages are performing. Here are some of the things that you will achieve with this plugin:
• View and track the growth of your followers, subscribers and page likes
• Monitor your post likes, shares, retweets, views and comments
• Get metrics on post reach and clicks
• Track your social conversions from Piwik
• Compare your website traffic with the performance of your social pages

The initial version will cover Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, but we will add more as time goes. We are shooting for an all-inclusive Piwik Social Analytic Plugin and that is why we need your input.

What social features have you always wanted added to Piwik?
What social media platforms would you like to track from Piwik?
Any question, suggestion, comment or concern about the plugin is also welcome.


Social media monitoring and ORM tools, that would be even great… :slight_smile: keep it up Team…

Thanks for the feedback Syed. We will include a good number of monitoring tools in the initial release, then build it from there to add more functionality.

Quick question, Syed: What ORM tools did you have in mind? We could throw in a few of the most requested ones in the initial release.

HI Rob,

i havent used much of the ORM’s , some of them are sentiment analysis,, social connect these pionts i can think of :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input, Syed. We’ll keep that in mind :+1:

Sounds great! I would be happy to test drive it!

Is there any update?

Great News!! I waiting for it!

Are there any updates to this plugin? Has it been released?