Columns Always Cut Off In Dashboard

More a bug then anything else.

On the dashboard I have quite a lot of files with long filenames, and also longtail keywords with quite a few words.

These always have the effect of cutting off the end of columns, because the script insists on trying to fit each of them on one line.

And because there is no side scroll you can’t even read them most of the time.

I notice this particularly on the ‘Entry Pages’ box and the ‘List of Keywords’ box in the dashboard.

Could you not simply allow the line to wrap so that all the information could be fitted in to the space?

E.G On entry pages I can see Page Url, Entrances and Bounces, but Bounce Rate is cut off half way so I can only see “Bou rat”, and the end of the percentages is cut off.

Can this be fixed?

PS This same thing repeats throughout the program eg Page Actions on the Title screen cuts off the title rather then scrolling it to the next line, so if you want to see the whole title you have to hover over it.

P.P.S I am runnning version 1.5

Yes, truncation is a known usability issue. IIRC wrapping isn’t cross-browser, isn’t exactly a fix.

Is this on the agenda for a fix?

Firefox users are about 30% plus of the users of browsers online, and almost certainly higher amongst users of Piwik, because its more popular among web developers, and so I do think this needs a very high priority to be fixed.

At the moment its more ‘unuseable’ on Firefox then anything else, because you simply cannot read the data in the columns, because they are cut off.

If you classify it as a ‘useability issue’ then that makes it sound unimportant.

Where as, in reality, what use are great new features if you cannot read the actual data?

In the mean time, try " CTRL + - " (control + neg symbol, be it on the number row or the numpad).
I do this only one time on my Piwik and the text become smaller, yes, but it fit better horizonally.