Code lists subdomain - is this correct? No data recorded

Im new to Piwik and just installed 1.12 on my server under a subdomain (ie.

After sucessfully installing Piwik I copied the code into Joomla by means of a plugin (as recommended by Piwik - 301 Moved Permanently). Plugin has code and is enabled/published.

Now, for some reason there is no data being recorded on my Dashboard? Even though I’ve waited over 1hr and visited my site several times.

Question that the code generated has my subdomain ( - not the actual website, is this correct?

Here is the condensed code:

var u=(("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https" : "http") + [b]"://";[/b]

Is this correct (in bold)? Should i change it to /// instead?

This would make sense since there is NO website at - only at

Sorry for the naive question.

Its working now. Disregard - the code does need to have the subdomain. IF you indeed do install it under a subdomain,