Cloud viewer filter

Hi, i am observate my matomo tracking over a long time and for few months i observe many viewer with »direct view - 0 seconds - 1 page«. I have checked the IPs from this viewer. It is a very expensive work. Most from this viewer com from a cloud, often amazon, fewer google, and exotic clouds or internet “solutions”, not internet provider.

I figured out how to trap these “direct view - 0 seconds - 1 page”. I have always specified a canonical domain in the HTML header on my websites. On some of my websites I have multiple domains on one website. I had added a new secondary domain to a website and linked it discreetly to all the other domains on that website in the footer. Almost exclusively these “direct view - 0 seconds - 1 page” visited this website via this new secondary domain.

I search a list for all IP ranges for cloud hoster. Or, i need a matomo, that filter all viewer, that comes from a cloud. That are not real viewer, that are bots: »direct view - 0 seconds - 1 page«. It is relevant in the tracking by me.

Can you identify some headless user agent types in such cases?
Did you try one of these plugins?