Cloud plan pricing and Hits counting


Could you help me to understand the pricing plans, it’s not very clear how it is charged.

Let’s say, I take the “300 000 hits” plan at 69€ (FR price). During 6 months traffc is stable, my website is on average at 150 000 hits. Suddenly, the month after (the 7th month), there is a peak audience, my traffic increases at 590 000 hits, then on the 8th month, it decreases at 150 000 hits and stays at this range until the end of the year.

Based on this example, how Matomo charges me ?

  • 12 months at 69€ because on average over the year, my traffic is under 300 000 hits

  • 11 months at 69€ (300 000 hits) and 1 month at 109€ (600 000 hits)

  • 6 months at 69€ and then after the peak 6 months at 109€. When you pass a threshold, we remain on the pack superior.

Thanks for your help,