Clickheat plugin help please

I’ve installed the Clickheat plugin via ZIP upload. It’s installed correctly and is activated. On another thread (Heat Map) there’s talk of this plugin, but it’s mixed with the Premium Heatmap plugin as well.

So it’s installed OK. I checked the tracking script page and the main script hasn’t changed but there’s talk in the thread above about adding extra scripting for this plugin, but there’s none available. Also, there’s no indication on the dashboard that Clickheat data is available (obviously there’s no data at the moment as I’ve only just added the plugin, but I hoped a panel would have appear on the dashboard in readiness), and there’s nothing in the add a widget.

Has anyone else gotten this plugin working properly? A heat map is incredibly important IMHO for watching what visitors do to interact with the site, so I would be interested in hearing your process. Thanks.


The plugin isn’t compatible with Matomo 3.

Thanks Lukas. I looked in the forum (I thought well enough, but obviously not). Apart from the paid plugin, are there any heatmap plugins that do work with Matomo?

I’m pretty sure there are no other plugins that are working at the moment.

Thanks. Pity - a heatmap is a really valuable tool.