Click Heat Plugin

Does Piwik need to live on the same server as the site being analyzed?

I installed and activated this plugin, and when I opened the plugin view, it was analyzing the root of the server I have Piwik installed on rather than the site i’m analyzing (a different domain).


As far as I understand it, the javascript is loaded into a browser. This JS calls a back end PHP file which logs data to a MySQL database.

I would think that you would need Piwik on both servers. One for the reporting and one for the recording.

I dont think you understand the issue correctly.

Piwik is working fine, but ClickHeat is reporting on the wrong site. Rather than reporting on the domain that is being tracked, it is reporting on the domain Piwik lives on. Is there a ClickHeat config file or somehting like that I need to update?

Sorry, should have read the title. I don’t know anything about the ClickHeat plugin.