Clearer which web site is being watched

It would be great if the name of the displayed web site was printed at the top left, next to the logo. Some users have complained it is hard to see.
I have attached an image, to describe what I am talking about, obviously it should be styled more beautifully :slight_smile:

[attachment 2156 front_page-with-site-name.png]

Hi there,

Please upgrade to latest Piwik 2.11 where this should be much clearer to users :slight_smile:

Great! Though I can’t see a lot of difference after upgrading… the web site name is still only showed to the right, in the drop down.
Do I need to adjust some setting somewhere to make the web site name appear next to the logo?

PS. Most of the world use the 24 hour clock:
Would it be possible to show the forum post time in that format? I can never remember how the am/pm thing works :slight_smile:

I can’t see the web site name, am I missing something?

I posted to this topic a few days ago, but it said something about waiting for approval by the administrators… So I’ll try again now :slight_smile:
(EDIT: It got posted, so perhaps my original message was caught by some spam filter, or something?)

Matt, I still can’t see that the web site name has been made larger… Do I have to change some settings?

The website selector was a bit wider in Piwik. if you think it should be even wider, can you post an issue in the issue tracker? with an example of why it’s a problem. hopefully we could improve piwik so it works nicely for you.

Sure, I can create an issue.

I of course know where to look - but the problem is that the users never think of looking to the far right to find out which web site statistics they are viewing.

They assume (correctly) that it would be displayed prominently at the top left, next to the logo - like in the example image I inserted in my original post:

[attachment 2225 front_page-with-site-name.png]

I have made made some changes to two files, which seems to do the job crudely. It inserts the name of the web site being viewed next to the logo:
[attachment 2230 website-name.PNG]
Add the CSS below to the file tmp/assets/asset_manager_global_css.css

.headerSiteName {
  float: left;
  margin-left: 1em;
  font-size: 2.5em;

Add ``` {{ siteName }} ``` at the end of the file plugins/CoreHome/templates/_logo.twig, like this:

<span id="logo">
    <a href="index.php" title="{% if isCustomLogo %}{{ 'General_PoweredBy'|translate }} {% endif %}Piwik # {{ 'General_OpenSourceWebAnalytics'|translate }}">
    {% if hasSVGLogo %}
        <img src='{{ logoSVG }}' alt="{% if isCustomLogo %}{{ 'General_PoweredBy'|translate }} {% endif %}Piwik" class="ie-hide {% if not isCustomLogo %}default-piwik-logo{% endif %}" />
        <!--[if lt IE 9]>
    {% endif %}
        <img src='{{ logoHeader }}' alt="{% if isCustomLogo %}{{ 'General_PoweredBy'|translate }} {% endif %}Piwik" />
    {% if hasSVGLogo %}<![endif]-->{% endif %}
<span class="headerSiteName">{{ siteName }}</span>

I have created an issue here: Easier to see where web site stats are from #7524