Circular dependency detected

Circular dependency detected while trying to resolve entry 'Piwik\Log'

What is this all about? I mean I know what it means but how is it even possible. Ever since upgrading Piwik from an older (pre-composer, as far as I can recall) version I have been having ton of strange issues… either running out of memory or now this.

Some searching gave me an answer “Disable APC” for the memory issue specifically but that is not really an option, we are looking to upgrade to a newer version of php anyways where php’s own opcode cache is included.

Today, I am guessing Piwik caused the whole FPM to become unresponsive as well, it has come sort of a default scape goat at this point…

Hi there,

We never had this issue inor heard about this error. Maybe you will find what the problem is and be kind to report it here?

I will keep an eye out for this error. Is there some way to tell how many file inclusions a typical piwik app cycle includes?