Chrome reports a phishing-attempt during Update from 1.11.1 > 1.12


I have just updated Piwik to 1.12 and wanted to report what I experienced during the update-process: Everything went as it should. When the last page was shown (the one where PayPal- and other payment-options are displayed), however, Chrome warned me of a phishing attempt.

Did anyone else get this warning message? Do I need to be concerned?

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This should not happen I don’t think, you’re the first to report it. It would be interesting to see if it happens again netx time for you? if it does, please take a screenshot + a VIEW SOURCE of the page that triggered the warning. Thanks!

I had the same problem at that update. And whenever I login at piwik on my server now, a page comes up warning me that this site is a phishing site! I can proceed though hitting the button saying proceed disregarding the warning.

I also got notifications from Google that they blocked the site and that I should remove the bad site:

I reported that false warning to Google, but who knows how long that’ll take them and apparently it’s a problem with the update. Maybe the call for donation on the last page of the update got Google a false alert for phishing?

Can I do something about it or what’s the solution?


I got that warning during update, too. After the update, no phishing warning occured any more.

But after the update, the last visitors graph on dashboard is empty. I updated from the latest 1.11 to 1.12

Deleting the graph from dashboard and reinserting it, solves the problem and the default curve reappears. After selevting more than two curves again, all curves within the graph vanish again including the button to select curves. So I need to delete the widget and reinsert it into the dashboard again.

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I had no display problems with the graph showing the last visitors. I anyway uninstalled and reinstalled. I even tried without installing it again. But my problem is still there, every time I log in there comes the warning of the phishing website.

Does anyone else have that problem and knows of a solution?


Apparently the phishing alert has nothing to do with the update. I uninstalled Piwik 1.12 and installed 1.11 again. Same phishing alert. Then, after updating automatically to 1.12, the last visitor graph stayed empty, als after deleting and reinstalling that widget. So I’m back to 1.11, working, but with phishing alert. I suppose the donation widget might cause the phishing alert (even though it’s not displayed in my dashboard). Can I delete that somewhere?

Regarding the phishing issue: I think this is due to directly linking to paypal. I’ve applied a fix in git, but a new Piwik version won’t change the status of your website since Google’s list of suspicious websites is stored in Google’s servers. Unfortunately, Google will have to update its servers before this warning goes away.

Regarding the empty graph issue: I tried replicating this issue, but couldn’t. Could you give me some more information? Specifically:

  1. Does this only happen on Chrome or w/ other browsers?

  2. Can you send me a screenshot of the problem?

  3. If the issue occurs after you selected three metrics, which metrics did you select to plot? Do you know if the issue only occurred w/ those three metrics or did it happen w/ other combinations?

  4. When on Chrome, right click on a new tab and select ‘Inspect Element’. In the section that opens up, click on ‘Console’, then load the dashboard w/ the last visits graph. Does anything show up in the section that opened up when you clicked ‘Console’?

Nevermind about my questions, someone managed to reproduce the issue on the demo.