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I have migrated my site to an VPS.

And now i want to use the GeoIP databases, because i was using the basic method. And i saw there is three possible options.

I don’t know what do you want to say in the GeoIP server module HTTP with this phrase “but can only be used with normal browser tracking.”

What of the three methods do you recommend me?

Also i have another question. I want to put piwik under SSL, i have put one rule in .htaccess to do it but the piwik.js is not working.

Thanks for your help


I would remove it from .htaccess and make sure you do this

That should solve your SSL as long as you have your site configured properly to begin with.

Geo configuration

Which type you need depends on your server, your personal needs and the amount of traffic your tracking. I personally have the PECL option running.




I have installed the PECL version and the dependencies. And now i see the PECL version and PHP version as installed in the PIwik Options.

I have selected the PECL version and i click on download GeoIP Databases and put this link in Location Database The other databases i leaved it blank because they aren’t free. ¿It is correct?

Then i put the next line in php.ini file

I don’t see any file in misc called GeoLiteCity.dat. Where piwik download this file?

Thanks for your help

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Hi There,

I am also confused by the phrase " but can only be used with normal browser tracking."
What exactly do they mean by this?