Checking stats/cant login

ok I am RELLY lost here. I have as my hosting service. I installed the simple script Piwik from there. It gave me my site url: My login URL: which is the same by the way, a username and a pre determined password.

So I come to piwik with the user name and password that ipage provided me with and I cannot log in. So then I had to create this name just to get into the forums.

So my question(s) are. Is the username and password that ipage gave me when I installed Piwik from them no good? And how the heck do I check my stats? Is there a waiting time before this is all set up? Ipage told me that Piwik is 3rd party software and that I would have to come here to figure this all out.

thank you

I guess you cann access the directory where is installed piwik via FTP ?

Then edit /piwik/config/config.ini.php

You can manually set a new superuser login and password in this file.

Just remember that you password is encoded via MD5 in this file.

So to edit it, first encode it and replace these lines:

login = "yourLogin"
password = “yourPasswordEncodedInMD5”

To encode in MD5 you can find online tools for it like i.e.: MD5 generator - Calculate MD5 for the typed string.

“Normal userers” can be edited the same way directly accessing the database where piwik is installed in table: piwik_user.

Passwords are also coded in MD5.