Channel types report - row evolution

I’m running matomo 4.2.1 and experiencing an odd behaviour when trying to show the graph in the Channel types report (Acquisition > All Channels).

Let’s say the total visits is 100K and it has increased in the past year. So the graph (row evolution) is correct:

But if I try to select a specific entry (let’s say “Keyword not defined”), that in my case is about the 99% of the total value, the graph shows zeros only.

Same behaviour in the other channels: the general channel row evolution works fine; but it doesn’t when selecting a particular entry.

By the way, selecting another report actually works, i.e. in the Acquisition > Search Engines and Keywords report, the graph of “Keyword not defined” row evolution is:

Hi @Marco_Sciamanna
Can you update to one of the latest versions (at least 4.11+) to check if this bad behavior is sill there?

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Will do, thanks Philippe.