Changing tracking URL


I have 2 wordpress sites/URLs

The main site is the development site. This is where i log into the admin area and do all of my development, testing, content updates etc. I then use automation to promote from my development site to my production site. The production site is the URL that my customers access, and this is the URL I’d like to track.

I never log into the admin area of the production site, as i don’t want me or anyone else to accidently make changes directly in the production site.

Is it possible for me to set up the Matomo plug-in and tracking so that I can log into the wordpress admin area of my development site but view the analytics for only my production site?


Do I understand you correctly, that what you are looking for is a feature in WP-Matomo to separate the tracking site and the fetching site?

In that case, maybe @WP_PiwikDev has an idea.

If you don’t want to track any visits on the development site, couldn’t you just set up the plugin pointing at the live site and set the plugin to not add any tracking code?

That is correct.

How do i exactlty set up the plugin to point to the live site, and what do you mean by ‘not add any tracking code’.

Thanks for your help


By that I mean add the Website in WP-Matomo just as you would on your live site (this way, I think you should see the statistics in Wordpress) and then in the “Enable Tracking” Section tell WP-Matomo to not add any tracking code to the development site so it doesn’t get tracked into your live Matomo statistics.


I’m currently using the Matomo Analytics - Ethical Stats. Powerful Insights plug in, not WP-Pimik. I should be using WP-Pimik instead?



This was a misunderstanding at my end. I assumed you were using WP-Piwik to track into a Matomo server you already set up.

The Matomo Analytics wordpress plugin is only intended to track one single website (the wordpress site where it is installed.

For more complex use cases, either set up a separate Matomo instance and track all your sites there or use Matomo cloud.

Hi Lukas

Thanks for your help. I did try change the tracking code in Matomo Analytics to point to my prod site, but this did not work.

I am however all set up now on the free trial in WP-Pimik.