Changing to SSL on an existing site

I’ve changed the site where Piwik is located to SSL.

After the change only the basic website where Piwik is located shows up with the correct links while hovering the entries. All others show links to the Piwik installation. Did I miss something? I checked the Piwik code, but it didn’t change. It covers https and http as well.

I’m kind of clueless on this task. All reading of FAQ and forum threads didn’t help in any way.

I don’t understand, can you post a screenshots showing exactly the problem?

Ok, I see I didn’t explain it very well. My fault.:S

Second attempt:

I’m tracking five different domains located at different servers with my piwik-installation.

When I’m checking the dashboards for the domains and hover the visited pages symbols at the real time users widget the link that shows up at the browser bottom points to the piwik installation instead to the visited page. Except the main domain which currently runs under https protocol and hosts also the piwik installation. The links of the visited pages of the main domain are displayed properly.
The little popups with pagename and time are displayed properly for each domain.

This behaviour appeared after changing the piwik host to https protocol.

I cant see how this could happen. Can you send a screenshot showing the URL in the status bar and showing the URL bar showing that it’s the same URL ?