Changing text that comes with the piwikreport email

Hi there,

I’m pretty new to piwik it’s a great tool and everyone’s happy with it. My Boss only wished that the text in the mail that delivers the piwik report as a pdf-doc could be changed. Actually it is
" Hallo,
Sie finden in der angehängten Datei ihren Bericht (interval: weekly) für (tracked URL)"
Its german and means that the report is attached to this e- mail

Can I change this myself? What do I have to do for changing this?
Is this something you change in the source code of your piwik config?

My biggest problem is that I don’t know the location of that text.

unfortunately the piwik installation my company works with runs on a server that I’m not allowed to touch, so I have access to the Piwik GUI but not to the files of the piwik installation.

Help would be very much appreciated, its time sensitive.

Thanks for any reply,


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