Change "piwik" in all files

(miamia1) #1


I changed all “piwik” strings inf files to “abc”. but now I am not able to install piwik:
Fatal error: Class ‘abc_Session’ not found in /data/ on line 61

What am I doing wrong? thanks

(Karlsson) #2

I don´t know if this could work. But my index.php has only 61 lines and line 61 is emtpty.

(miamia1) #3

I found out my problem. It is necessary to leave lowercase/uppercase intact. style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes.gif

(vipsoft) #4

If you’re going to use Piwik, in house, there’s really no reason to rename the classes, as it means you lose the ability to auto-update.

If, however, you plan to redistribute your hacked up, renamed version of Piwik, then it’s still subject to the GPL. You must release the source code, clearly state that you modified the code and when, etc.