Change "piwik" in all files

(kadrhola) #1

hi folks,

is there any way how to easily change string “piwik” in all files? I mean in piwik.js -> newname.js, piwik.php, string piwik in js and php files, etc.


I’m not sure what you want but Dreamweaver MX to CS4 has that functionality. I mean, you can do a search/replace on all files of a given website even file that arent open.

(kadrhola) #3

well, yes I heard about it.
another question is if it will not have negative influence on the whole piwik system? (db, etc)

(Piwiky) #4

To hide Piwik’s name to others you can use Mode Rewrite…

(vipsoft) #5

As long as you don’t distribute Piwik or modified versions, you can do whatever you want to the code. Generally, this isn’t a good idea as it breaks your upgrade path to newer versions of Piwik.

Otherwise, you must comply with the GPLv3 license.