Change maximal number of custom variables to 20

I need to change the maximal number of possible custom variables to 20. Ho can I do this if I do not have SSH or direct server access (FTP access only)?


PS: I’m aware of this tutorial:

At this stage, you need SSH access to increase number of custom variables. We haven’t yet implemented a way to increase count of custom variable slots without access to command line (but we may do it in the future, maybe create a ticket in the issue tracker)

What about doing this manually?
Adding some columns to the db and changing certain values shouldn’t be a problem…
If anyone could tell me what to change, I’d be very glad.


You can add the new columns custom_var_k* and custom_var_v* to the table log_visit, log_conversion and log_link_visit_action

Hey guys!

Any setting I need to change? Didn’t find anything in config.ini.php

No settings to change