Change locations and providers

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In Piwik have the opportunity to review these locations and providers.
Is it possible to “change” - “replace” Locations "on their values (as determined by IP)?
And how it can be done - where to change that, correct?
For example:
10.101 .. - District number 1
10.102 .. - District number 2
10.103.. - 10.105 .. - District number 3
10.106 .. - District number 4
and so on?
Explain why this is necessary:
many ISPs have “gray” IP addresses.
I would be interested in any area of any interest in something or there is more than anything.
We could see what area is more active in certain sections, etc.
Thanks in advance for the answer.

(vipsoft) #2 can be adapted to your needs.

Is there a database of these grey addresses?

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Thanks for the link. I will write about the result.
Base IP-s are natural.

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Work… style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/unsure.gif Thank you)