Can't truck on localhost

At First,I can’t use English well,Sorry.

I installed Piwik on my server(for example http://110.785.23.14/piwik).
I want to truck website on localhost in my PC and Tomcat.
I pasted scrypt tag in my website,(for example http://745.14.23.68:8080/example)and I accessed.
but,Piwik don’t truck my website.

And I tryed to paste scrypt tag in other web site(for example htp://
In this case,Piwik could truck my access.

Are there some mistakes? please teach me.

I did another action.
I created new webpage on my server(for example http://110.785.23.14/testpiwik.php)
In this case,Piwik could truck my acccess.
but I have to truck http://745.14.23.68:8080/example