Can't Sign in

(theodorius123) #1

hey! I just have a little problem.

Because of some other problems I deleted my config-file and run through the setup-process again. no problem, did this a few times.

at the end I come to the sign-in page. after filling in my name and PW and a click on the “Sign In”-button the page is loading for a few seconds but nothing happens. If I type in a wrong password I get the according error-message, but if I type the correct password I will just see the log-in page all the time.

using 1.1.1…


(vipsoft) #2

On a slow server it can take more than a couple of seconds when signing-on for the first time, to allow Piwik to merge and compress css and js files.

(theodorius123) #3

mmmh. the activity indicator from firefox indicates, that it is not loading/sending anything.
I did this a few times, but never had this problem.

(theodorius123) #4

ok, found the problem.
just had to delete all the piwik cookies :wink: