Can't open Matomo Admin. Hosting blocks single PHP files access

Hello everyone,

I would kindly ask if someone could help me write a .htaccess file that allows me to enter Matomo Admin in WordPress, because my hosting provider is blocking single PHP file acces, thus preventing me to load matomo/app/index.php file. (403 Forbidden error)

Their support has told me that some code in .htaccess file could bypass this rule and allow me to load Admin panel, but they wouldn’t help me to write it.

Than you very much in advance,



I personally can’t help much (I have never used Apache myself), but isn’t it more likely that it is the other way around: So some .htaccess file (maybe one generated by a wordpress plugin) has a rule that denies the access to the Matomo file?

Hi Lukas, thanks for the reply,

indeed, my hosting provider uses a rule to block access to all single PHP files, including Matomo App file. What I want to accomplish is to bypass that rule for that single PHP file so I can access Matomo Admin.