Cant monitoring visit of pages below a certain crossing

Basic data:

  • version 2.16.1
  • (idsite=1)
  • (idsite=2)
  • Outlink_1=site_2

Operations procedure:

  1. I come on site-1
  2. I go to url-2, through internal links ( -> advisor -> strory … -> 4 -> 5 -> 11)
  3. I go to site-2 through the external url, Outlink_1 from url_2.

In piwik I see two things:

  1. idsite=1, the user has come on site_1, the user has reached url_1 and has left the website in the unknown direction. (from nginx.log I see the same, the last get comes from url_1)
  2. idsite=2, the user has come from site_1, through url_2.

Problem essence for idsite=1:

  1. I don’t see visitors of url_2, they are 0, but i see visitors of url_1
  2. Since there are no visitors of url_2, and quantity of outlink_1 = 0, but I see visitors on idsite=2 from url_2

plz help.