Can't login after update to 0.2.32

(pwk) #1


I just updated from 0.2.28 to 0.2.32 and can’t login anymore: I’m always redirected to the login page again without any error message.
The update-process went smooth and without error. Renaming/recreating didn’t solve the problem. Login to 0.2.28 was fine, too, so it’s not a lost/misspelled user/password.

Any ideas?

(Karlsson) #2

How did you recreate the file? I´ve found this in another thread:

Backup and remove your config/config.ini.php.
Piwik should prompt you to set-up again – this will regenerate your config.ini.php.

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(pwk) #3

I did it exactly that way …

(Karlsson) #4

Do you have a backup of 0.2.28? Can you log in after a restore?

(pwk) #5

Switching back to 0.2.28 and everything works fine again.

(Karlsson) #6

Maybe you should try the upgrade step by step. From .28 to .29, then .30 and so on.
Do you have a FTP-Server? Send me a PM with the login data and I will upload some versions. I don´t have .30, but maybe it will work from .29 to .31.