Can't install Piwik on 2 different hosts with error "$ not found "(Jquery)

It seems no matter what I do I can’t get this thing to install. The install is giving browser errors “$ not found” which means it can’t find the Jquery libraries. It probably can’t find the other libraries either because this sounds like a relative/absolute path problems.

I know piwik is setup as a relative path install and you can place it anywhere, I put the folder under my webroot and it gives this problem. Install pages are rendered without CSS/Jquery, as if they’re plain text. Clear indication that libraries are not found.

On one host I have .htaccess with base “/” and the other host has no such .htaccess file.

About to give up on this crap, whats up?

Could you paste a screenshot showing the errors in the browser console or so?

maybe check that you don’t have ad blockers enabled etc.