Can't find the 'visits by day of the week'-report

Hello all,

According to the 1.8.3 release notes, there are a new widget and report for visits per day of the week.
I can find the widget just fine, but I am unable to find the report.
Is it really missing or am I doing something wrong?

My ‘Visitors’ item has reports called Overview, Visitor Log, Locations & Provider, Settings, Times, Engagement and Custom Variables.
The ‘Times’ report only shows visitors by time of the day, not day of the week.


The report is available via a click below the “Visits by Server time” and “Visits by local time” graphs.

Thanks for your reply.

I feel really silly, but I really can’t find it. I looked where you said and clicked all buttons below those graphs. I also tried going to the report from the widget.

Should there just be a link or an icon to click or…?
I will make a screenshot later, can’t do that on this system right now.

The report only appears when period = week month or year! sorry it’s a bit confusing…

go to: Matomo Forums - week August 27 – September 2, 2012 - Web Analytics Reports - Matomo

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