Can't edit or save anything in Administration

  • Can’t edit an existing user, no reaction
  • Can’t create a new user, no reaction
  • Can’t change a user to be admin, no reaction
  • Can’t update my profile (e.g. change language), no reaction

With no reaction I mean that clicking any of the save or edit buttons will do nothing. The page stays the same.

I am running v2.16.0
I deleted the browser Cache.
I used different browsers (Firefox, Chrome and even Internet Explorer)
I deleted piwik/tmp/*
I have no idea how to activate PHP errors
I have no idea where to check web server error logs
I reupload all Piwik files from the latest version

Any ideas how to overcome this?



So I found the error.
I was getting the JavaScript error
ReferenceError: DataTable_RowActions_Transitions is not defined
According to tzhis site (ReferenceError: DataTable_RowActions_Transitions is not defined · Issue #9704 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub) I activated the Plugin Transitions.

Then I was getting the JavaScript error
ReferenceError: DataTable_RowOverlay is not defined
So I activated the Plugin Overlay too.

Now it is possible to edit users, etc in the Administration.