Can't create new goal

Round in circles on this one, - i can’t seem to create another goal.

Goals Plugin is enabled (as is Ecommerce)
I can see a tab called 'Ecommerce and Goals’
i have previously created a goal called ‘Checkout Page’)
If i hover or click the Ecommerce and Goals tab i see three subheadings: Ecommerce … Goals Overview … Checkout Page (name of a goal i made)

however i can no longer see any way to create a new goal
i’m using Opera 12.14 but can’t imagine this is the issue as i used it to create the previous goal

any ideas appreciated!

ps. i can’t see a forum search either - i did read the ‘read this before posting’ post!

Click on the “Goals” menu, logged in as super user. Then you can at the bottom create new goal. you are right that it is hard to find.

thanks for your reply!

ok, i have found the issue … i guess it’s a bug in ‘Goals Overview’ if there is no data for the report
then the footer which reads:

Goals management
Create a new Goal
View and Edit Goals
Learn more about Tracking Goals in Piwik in the user documentation, or create a Goal now!
Piwik allows for advanced Ecommerce Analytics tracking & reporting. Learn more about Ecommerce Analytics.

is not rendered to the page.

when there is data in the report then the footer is shown, i can do this by changing the date range … if it is a range that has data then the links that show at the bottom are there, - if i change it to a date range where there is no data then the footer is not shown!

Nice bug find. please create bug report at: