Can't create a new tag... Error: Matomo Configuration: A value needs to be provided

Hello, I’ve got a brand new installation of Matomo which is tracking page views and standard metrics. I am now setting up tag manager to track events. I’ve made a container, but I can’t create a new tag.

On the Create a new tag page, under the header Configure what this tag should do, the first dropdown option is to Assign a Matomo configuration in order to track data into a specific site. I have no options in this dropdown, nor can I see how to add one. And I can’t submit the Create new tag form, it seems to be a required field.

Any suggestions on how to solve this?

I think when I first did this I clicked “+ CREATE NEW VARIABLE” (because “Matomo Configuration” is a type of variable).
You then get a screen where you define some basic settings for the configuration your tag will be running in. This all then is saved as a variable of type “Matomo Configuration”. Just give it any name you like.

After you created this new variable of type “Matomo Configuraion”, you can select it in that previously empty dropdown.

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Thanks, that was the issue. I didn’t know Matomo configs were a variable, so I skipped over that “Create new variable” option, thinking it was only related to the variables in the next sections. Not the best UX. But working now, cheers!