Can't configure Piwik under Joomla


I don’t understand the configuration page of Piwik under joomla, I need some help please.:

Piwik url ?

My joomla installation is under so what should be the piwik url ?

token auth :

where do I find this ? I read a lot of help pages asking me to go to the users view. But I can’t access to any of these configuration pages. For example if I click on “Settings” I get a white page in Joomla administration and only a link “Iyosis Piwik Configuration” … !

Data for automatic login :

username ?

what is this user please ? Is it a Joomla user, a mysql db user ?

I don’t understand anything, there is absolutely no help or documentation for Joomla …

Thank you for your help

Best Regards


Forget about this one. It seems that piwik is installed and configured now …