Can't click link to update Piwik

In the last couple of versions of Piwik, when an update has become available and the little notice to that affect has appeared on the Dashboard, I’ve run into a problem trying to take action. When I mouse over the notice a little box drops down beneath it with more information, including the link to click to start the update process (/index.php?module=CoreUpdater&action=newVersionAvailable). But when I move the cursor off the notice to go down and actually click that link, the box underneath the notice disappears and takes the link with it. I end up having to root around in the source code of the page to copy the URL for the update process and paste it into the browser’s URL bar.

My guess is that it’s a simple JS or CSS problem related to the visibility of the box underneath the notice being tied to the hover state of the notice, and when I mouse down to try and click the link that state gets disabled. But it doesn’t appear to be a browser-specific thing, as it happens to me in both Firefox and Chrome (on Ubuntu Linux).

Not a huge thing, as I’ve figured out how to work around it, but I figured I’d report it here just in case. Don’t want the software to be giving people any excuse not to keep it up to date :grinning:

What is your piwik version ?

Currently it’s 3.0.2. But I’ve had the same problem the last couple of times I’ve gotten the upgrade-is-available notice.

Maybe it’s related to something introduced with 3.0?

Hi. I had the same problem but when i configured my internet proxy settings worked ok … :wink: