Cannot Select website


So I’ve installed Piwik and inserted 7 websites (all on the same hosting).

When loged in, on top right there’s a box showing me witch website I’m currently viewing. When I click that box to change the website, I can only choose/see “All Websites” or current website. After choosing “All websites” I see the list of all websites and I can choose the website I want.

I also have a similar issue when I create an user, since on that box I cannot change the website I cannot set permissions to different websites.

Please help.

PS- After using the console to see what’s happening, I saw that everytime i click on that box I get the following error:

POST 406 (Not Acceptable)

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

406 not acceptable -> do you see an error message in your server error log maybe?


It was the mod_security blocking it.

Thank you.