Cannot Login Because of Blocked IP

I set the following configuration in the Brute Force Detection settings (How do I disable brute force authentication security checks for specific IP addresses? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo):

Always block these IPs from logging in:

The CIDR above will block all IP addresses. Then I set my own IP range under the never block section:

// example

Well now I can’t login because I’m getting the following error:

You are currently not allowed to log in because you had too many failed logins, try again later.

How can I reset or edit the Brute Force IP blocking? I have SSH access to Matomo installation directory and can update files. I’ve tried adding my IP to the config.ini.php file. I added the following:

login_whitelist_ip[] = 173.*.*.*

However, the login_whitelist_ip[] setting did not fix the issue.


I also tried the following console command:

./console login:unblock-blocked-ips
./console cache:clear

However, that did not fix the issue.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue?

Hello, I know this is an old post but as there is no answer and I had the same issue and spent almost all day to fix this, even though my ip was added in the never block these ips the code itself is checking the blacklist first.

If you open the matomo/plugins/Login/Security/BruteForceDetection.php andsearch for isAllowedToLogin function.

Change the order of the if statements to:

        if ($this->settings->isWhitelistedIp($ipAddress)) {
            return true;

        if ($this->settings->isBlacklistedIp($ipAddress)) {
            return false;

This way the whitelist ip will be verified before the blacklist, I hope this might help someone else :slight_smile:

Hi @markoboy,

Thanks for the remark. That sounds quite reasonable so would you like to create a pull request to submit this change to Matomo?

Hello @Lukas, I’ll try and make a pull request today, thank you :slight_smile:

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Hello @Lukas, I’ve made a pull request, the contribution guide states about setting a label, although I dont see how this can be achieved.

Have a nice day!

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