Cannot log into Matomo

I cannot login anymore. My original email on file was The email was hacked and no longer exists. I tried to change the email to I forgot my password and now I do not have access to my web anyalytics.

Please help.


Are you using Matomo cloud or your self hosted Matomo instance?

If you are using Matomo cloud, please contact the Cloud Team.
If you are hosting Matomo yourself, you can simply adjust the e-mail address in your MySQL database (matomo_user or piwik_user table)

Hi Lucas

Thank you for your reply. I have 50000 pages for 190 usd so I think it is on premise. How can I tell for sure?

I have the cloud version

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I have sent a request to the cloud team.

Thank you for your help.

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Hi Lucas,

I have not heard back from your cloud team. If they do not want to respond then I would like to cancel my subscription.

Thank you again for your help.

Best regards,


Hi Karl,

We did reply to your email from info@ but maybe this email is having issues also? Can you check your spam or junk folders?


Hi Jason,

This is the first email I have from you. So please send me your response. Thank you.

Hi Karl,

I have sent another response to your email (info@), could you please check the email in your spam or junk and reply back to the email with your Matomo URL

I am getting tired of your company claiming to send emails which are lost in spam folder. Stop it!

Either fix my problem or refund my money.

have you got any solution karl1 please let me know i also have the same issue in my end.

Actually I do not. I have asked for a refund.,

Hi @Airsoft_Rifles,

Could you please share your instance URL to “”

Sorry, That does njot work. The matomko cloud fails to send a password. Not laughing. Don’t waste my time