Cannot log-in after initial install


Used Dreamhost to install Piwik automatically. Installed Analytics HTML correctly. Went to admin page, was told my database needed to be upgraded. One click and this was completed.

Now, however, the “admin account that was created for me” is not working - I cannot log-in to the account with the admin and random password that was initially created for me, nor any of the email addresses or usernames associated with my web hosting account.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

Now, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling - this time, it created an “Administrator” account instead of an “Admin” account, and I can now log-in, but it doesn’t seem to be recording any visits to the site. (I installed the HTML as before).

Also, the main problem is when I click “Settings” to change the randomized password to my own, I get simply “User anonymous doesn’t exist.”

Again, any thoughts here?

Thanks again,


I experienced the same problem as in the OP: after installing Piwik from within Dreamhost, I cannot login with the credentials provided in the “success” email. So far this is the only thing I’ve found, but I can confirm this bug as well.


Well, I got it to work. I realized I was logging into the wrong area on my website. Once Piwik updated its database, it seems to be working fine.