Cannot install the MaxMind ISP and Org database


We need Organization information from PIWIK. I have purchased the MaxMind GeoIP2-ISP database. When I try to add the URL for the GZIP file into the automatic updates area I get “error cannot not download file!” Can someone tell me how to manually install the database and what Geolocation setting is best to use. Currently the PIWIK is set to use GeoIP (Php)


I have the Geo-ISP database working. I found out that PIWIK is not yet compatible with GeoIP2 and used the legacy database.

Now I am missing the Org: field in the vistor log. Does anyone know how to get this field to show up after installing the ISP database?

Thanks in advance.

Any luck on this? We have also not yet been able to install the ISP/Org database, we have access to the new version (2) and the legacy version. We’ve put both types of files into the misc directory but we are still seeing “Org: Unknown ISP: Unknown”.

We have been able to install the lite city database.