Cannot get Goal to work

I have some external links that are masked via htaccess which I wish to track clicks for.

The first is via

and the second is via

I have tried all combinations of ‘when visitors’ ‘Visit a given URL (page or group of pages)’ or ‘Click on a Link to an external website’ where the url or external url contains deal.php or /deal/ but none of them are working. No clicks are being recorded.

Any ideas why this should not work anybody?

Thanks for looking.

Paul, did you ever get it working? I’m having pretty much the same problem. Tried lots of variations of “URL contains”, full URL, regex pattern etc, but nothing gets recorded. Tried removing target and rel tags from the links as well.

Using the WP-Piwik Wordpress plugin with the “Proxy script” tracking (to be able to hide the Piwik URL). Tried enabling “Track all content blocks”. Nothing.

Last resort would be to run Javascript to parse through the DOM and add tracking events to each A tag with matching URL, but the Goals seem to be a better/easier solution, if only I could get it to work.

No mate, I didn’t. I did get a suggestion here: How can I set up these goals? . But I haven’t tried the solution yet as I was only really interested in getting the built in goal tracking to work.