Cannot find complete and simple (option/feature) documentation

Dear Matomo-Community,

there are a lot of options to be enabled or disabled within the matomo control panel.
Maybe i’m blind, but i couldn’t find a complete documentation on what exactly all these options do and what the implications are.

E.g. the user-log and user-profile feature. What exactly will be logged and what will be collected in the user profile and how will other settings regarding user privacy interfere with the log and the profile.

All I could find are guides, best practices and how-tos, but not a simple documentation about the options and features.

I would be really happy if anyone could point me to the correct resources.

Thanks, Link

Hi @Link
I suppose you refer to :gear: > Measurables > Manage?

I see documentation just next to the setting:

If you turn off visitor profile, you won’t be able to see:

If you turn off visits log, you won’t be able to see:
Visitor log

Real time visitor log