Cannot Add New Goals?

Hi all!
I am currently unable to add any new Goals to my tracking. It worked fine until about a year ago, then just randomly stopped working. (I’m assuming it was the result of an update on my webhost’s server)

I can delete Goals, but I cannot add any new ones. Clicking the"Add Goal" button (after going through the steps) just doesn’t do anything.

Any ideas on where to start looking on my server to remedy the problem?
Thanks in advance!


Can you check your webbrowsers developer tools (console and network tab) for errors when you are submitting the new goal? Most likely some error is occuring there. (e.g. the server is rejecting the request for some reason).

If you get a 5xx error code back, you can check the PHP error log for more details on what goes wrong.

One thing that often causes this exact issue is when you are using mod_security and the webserver is blocking the request based on some rule that it matches.

Thanks for responding Lukas!
The error I get is this: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 406 ()


This confirms my theory. Matomo does never return a 406 Not Acceptable status code, so it has to come from your webserver (and more precisely some filter list it is using). So please check your web server config.

I was not able to find where I’m able to edit my web server config through my web hosting platform.

However, I’ve now gotten the Goals to work - sort of.
I can now add New Goals, as long as I leave off the “https://” at the beginning of the URL.
But doing that has created a new problem: even though the goals show flags next to them in the visitor log, the number of Goals achieved is not being reflected in the Goals Overview widget on the dashboard. :confused:

(I’m using “Contains:” in the setup of the goal)

Seems to be working just fine now.
Thanks for the response on this Lukas!