Cannot add an auth token because of a lost Matomo password


We use the matomo cloud server. I have an issue when I try to add an auth token for our service account in order to track events through Piwik Tracker Api. Whenever I try to add the auth token, it asks me to confirm the password. The problem is that we use Azure AD authentification with the credentials from within our system. However, it seems that the matomo server expects the password that is associated with the matomo account of the user. The problem is that nobody knows what matomo password is associated with the account since we always only use our own credenitals to login through Azure AD. We cannot even change the password either since it also needs the old password to confirm before we can change, and there is also nowhere an option to click on Forgot password either. Can you guys help out please, we really need to add an auth token to our service account.

Thank you,


As this is related to Matomo Cloud, I think the best is to contact the customer service. Not sure of the email. Maybe ?