Can you please disable "piwik" update notification?

The reason I am asking you to disable it because I think it is a breach of privacy. I do not want you to know when I login and logout to my account. I think that everytime I login to my account my server will check out for piwik update thus you will have a log about my account`s login log out times.

Please do not get me wrong, I am not implying any mean spirited behaviour here. I think this should be optional installation setting at least.


Its a simple HTTP GET request and at best, may contain an IP, no user information, no other details. Its certainly not a break of privacy as no private information is sent. Its also set on a timer, so there is no tracking of logging on or out…

I also think you should leve it like it is,… I love this future,… so you allways have an uptodate version of Piwik,…
A Idea could be that there is a possebility to disabel it if you use it in an critical area,…

How do I hide the “piwik” update notification object from the site, I find that my end users think it’s an action that they need to take and worry when it dose’nt work for them. If i can hide this or comment it out that would be great. I just don’t know where it is located in the newer zend framework.

I figured it out. 2 options remove the include line from the index.tpl file in plugins/CoreHome/templates/index.tpl and you can also copy and rename the header_message.tpl to something else and then wipe all lines from the original one. This second way is site wide where the first option only affects the page it’s intended for.

Clear the content of plugins/CoreHome/templates/_headerMessage.twig (version 2.17.0)