Can we replace a user id with our own Golden keys or existing Unique ID's

Hi all,

  1. Can we replace the ID with our own existing user ID numbers from our existing database?

  2. Is it possible to make the anonymous feature turned off and see the exact user details?

The issue: My data has users with the same name, same company name and similar requests which makes it harder to identify specific user data.

Required output: Since emails are unique for each customer, Can we link them by replacing the names as shown in the example screenshot.

Also, We do have golden keys for each user but Can we link them with Matomo?

Please guide for a solution, thanks in advance


You can use the userID you want (username, email, etc.). In your case, it is thesalsa.
You cannot change the internal user ID (in your case 0d0cad75477f0bf5).
In your case, the pseudonymization is not set, as I can read the public user ID (thesalsa).
To change the anonymization settings: