Can we access site cookies

How can I access my browser cookies to check it in real time.


Can you further explain what you want to do? Which cookie would you like to check where?

In Firefox you can see your site cookies in the dev tools under the tab “web storage”.

I want to check the cookies, so that I can check their values in real time. e.g. Suppose I logged in my web site and store some cookies like language or region. so I want to check it for each user using Matomo.
Also, Is there any way to check the web console logs in Matamo.

@fdellwing, yes I can see the browser cookies in dev tool.

That is a bit out of the order what you want to do.

You can get cookies via JS with document.cookie but only cookies that are not HttpOnly. Most interesting cookies are HttpOnly (and that is good!), so I do not really see much luck for you.

Expanding on @fdellwing’s answer:

You can store arbitrary user data in Custom Dimentions, but please keep in mind that Privacy Laws apply (e.g. GDPR)