Can variable return a function?

(Jesper Ahne) #1


In GTM you can use a variable as a function like this;

return function(x, y){return x+y}

return {{Var1}}(3, 5);

I cant make this work in MTM, is this not supported?



Hi there, just to better understand. What Tag/Trigger/Variable did you want to use and assign a function? And how did you want to use that function afterwards? In a Custom HTML Tag?

(Jesper Ahne) #3


I whanted to store a function as a variable to be used on multiple other variables.

Whan digging in the doc´s I found that you have access to parameters and TagManager in all variables and triggers. I see the use of parameters.get(‘matomoConfig’, {}); in the code and matomoConfig is a variable? So I thought that you culd access other variables this way but it seems all custom variables get autogenerated names like ‘CustomJsFunctionVariableb95da7d6’ so this dosent seem to work.



You can certainly use the “Custom JavaScript” variable to store a function and use it in a Custom HTML tag like this:

The variable:

The tag:

If you want to access the matomo configuration it is even easier… simply select the matomo variable in tag manager and assign it to a variable:

You can then directly access eg x.matomoUrl :slight_smile: