Can "Remember Me" work across browser sessions?

I am wondering whether I’ve done something wrong with the “Remember Me” as each time I launch Firefox and it continues from the previous session, I have to go through the login page.

I thought “Remember Me” was supposed log me in automatically? Or is the current behavior set so that one is remembered only in the lifespan of a browser session?

Thanks for any info on this.

Remember should keep you logged in, unles you delete your cookies?

No, I don’t delete cookies. I’m actually one those people who accept all cookies, including third party cookies, because they make my life easier: No need to remember hundreds of passwords or to login for each and every website.

Can you try with other browsers ? it should work AFAIK

The remember me cookie expires 14 days from the last login with the remember-me checkbox checked.

Thank you Vipsoft.

It seems to be working now and I don’t know why. Maybe it was a problem with an add-on.