Can Piwik work with Oracle?

(Alfredwan) #1

Hi Piwik gurus,

Is possible to make Piwik work with Oracle? If there is no available solution, can you advise that how it can be achieved?


(vipsoft) #2

No, not possible “out of the box”.

While there’s PDO_OCI support in Zend_Db, Piwik uses MySQL-isms in many places. There are two/three routes:

You can customize Piwik. Look for the postgresql port for an idea of the scope of changes.

You can create a plugin that uses the Reporting.createDatabase and Tracker.createDatabase hooks. (We might need to add one or more hooks to massage the SQL at runtime.)

You might be able to abstract the database layer if it doesn’t sacrifice too much performance, and submit a patch for inclusion in the Piwik core…

(vipsoft) #3

Note: for Piwik 0.4.4, we’ve updated to Zend Framework 1.9.2, so in addition to PDO_OCI, you will also have the option of the native Oracle driver.

We have also done some refactoring of the Tracker Db. (see core/Tracker/Db.php)