Can not install 0.5

I have the Problem of a Infinite Loop during Install.

I com in the Install from 1. to 7.

When i would go to Step 8., the Stup jumps back to Step 1.

This is the only Problem during Install:

Client connection to the database server is not set to UTF8 by default. This is not critical issue: Piwik should work correctly. However for consistency, it is recommended that you do one of the following:

* in your piwik config/config.ini.php, add charset = utf8 under the [database] section of your Piwik configuration file config/config.ini.php
* recompile libmysql --with-charset=utf8

All Requirement are Green.

And i have tested it with PDO_MYSQL and MYSQLI

It means Piwik wasn’t able to create the config/config.ini.php file due to a permissions problem on your web server.

Hmm, is the Way to correct this, the manually Generate of the Config-File, btw rename and edit the sample config File?

On the Webspace, i have installed Joomla 1.5 and the Simple Machines Forum 2 RC2. Both without Problems.

P.S. i have See Screenshots of the Installprocess here:

The Screen from “Website Setup” is not similar to my Install. I haven’t a Box to write a Website in. I have only this Text:


Glückwunsch! Piwik ist nun installiert.

Stellen Sie sicher, dass der Javascript-Code auf Ihrer Website eingefügt wurde und warten Sie auf die ersten Besucher.

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Next two Attempts.

Switch to English Language and CHMOD the Config-Ordner rom 755 to 777

Both without success.

remove config.ini.php and drop the database. then re-install.

I have it!!! style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif

I think, a File was corrupt on the Server. After Reupload, the Install goes complete.

Thanks for your Help.